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A #bosslady moves to Suburbia and discovers her true identity. She stops making things happen and starts making people happen. Ridiculous, hilarious, at times heartbreaking, but despicably sarcastic, raw, vulnerable, and honest, That Suburbia Lady - a satire memoir - is about becoming your true authentic self when you leave behind the masks, filters, expectations, and everything you fought so hard to achieve to fit in.





You have a witty entertaining voice which invites the reader and makes her feel like she’s a friend. It was so interesting to see aspects of Dubai I don’t know of. your character creation is distinctive

Your story is so genuine so authentic, motivational, and inspirational. I love how brave you were to share your ups and downs and deepest pain. 

I read the book in one sitting. The book is not only easy and enjoyable to read, but as a mom myself, i found it very relatable. And as a reader you go through the emotions with Mariana and you are rooting for her the whole way as the author shows you her vulnerability. The story is about becoming uncomfortable with the comfortable and Mariana describes the process with eloquence and satire, which is not an easy feat. It’s clear that the author had to dig deep and understand her pain and turn it into something beautiful!

Really nice read. Constantly verging between absurd, funny and uncomfortable. The author addresses the difficult and many times overlooked theme of women becoming mothers in modern society. Mariana keeps it light and fun and gives an insight into the crazy world of Dubai life!


As a mom who loves to have genuine talks and doesn't always find a lot of people to do that with, I found Mariana's book so true, so authentic and vulnerable and it touched my heart. 


Mariana in her book, explained very well the story of the City Girl vs the Suburbia lady, and she beautifully created this distinction between both, and I loved it. She is very vulnerable and open in telling her story, and her story is inspiring. It’s the first book I really enjoy reading and I couldn’t stop reading I was so curious to go to the next story.  


I enjoyed reading this book very much. There is a deep sense of self-awareness in the book. Someone who deep dived into themselves and it’s there through the funny witty comments. I think it’s brilliant. The descriptions, the metaphors and the cultural references are all spot on. They were parts in the book, where I thought the author was talking about my life. The book is so profound.


Love love love it. So many words and sentences so wonderfully put together, which makes the book come alive, and have a life of its own. As a therapist it was wonderful to read "I wasn't struggling with who I want to be, I was revolting against who I didn't want to be anymore." So many times I have heard the words "I don't want to be the person everyone thinks I am." It took the author strength and courage to go within and search for herself and it takes time to find inner self.  

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